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果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo) is a Chinese children's cartoon by Guang Zhou BlueArc Culture Communications Company. (It has been translated into other languages, including, I believe, Korean and Arabic.) The show is animated in 3D and has humor along side action and futuristic elements, such as the robots. The show stems from the twenty episode series 果冻三剑客 (Fruity Musketeers) and currently has three seasons, not including 果冻三剑客 (Fruity Musketeers). Season 4 is nearing the end of production. Each season is 52 episodes long and each episode is 20 minutes long. In total, there are 156 episodes. At the moment, the plan is to have four seasons in this show, but depending on the ratings and popularity, the company may continue it.

第一季 (Season 1) Edit

When a hellish fruit processing factory springs up on the once-peaceful 花果山 (Fruity Mountain), seven young fruits charge up the mountain in an effort to bring the establishment down.

Short Summary (SPOILERS) Edit

When word spread that 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) built a fruit processing factory on 花果山 (the Fruity Mountain) and poisoned the sacred 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus), the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents), a group of seven young fruits (an orange, a strawberry, two pineapples, a peach, an apple, and a grape), proceeded to charge up the mountain (with battle robots) with the hope of destroying the factory and saving the 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus). However, it was later revealed that 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) was innocent. 小果叮 (Fringo), an extra, had poisoned the 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus) and ordered his fellow extras to spread rumors framing 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) in order to win himself a lead role in the series. He and his friends stole the robots of the 果宝老特攻 (Old Fruity Agents/Old Fruity Robos) and battled against the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) on the seventh layer of the mountain. The seventh layer constantly threatened to fall over, which would cause the entire world to be destroyed, so while they battled, 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) and his friends used their robots to hold up the seventh layer. The members of the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) were falling dead one by one, while 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) and his friends were quickly running out of energy. The last 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agent), 橙留香 (Orangey/Mandarine), perished in order to use his righteous life energy as an energy source for the 水果世界 (the Fruity world). However, the entire team was quickly brought back to life, and got a Golden Upgrade as well. They would've been able to defeat 小果叮 (Fringo), but when 橙留香 (Orangey/Mandarine) realized that 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) was running out of energy and the seventh layer would tip over, they dropped their weapon, stopped fighting, and went to hold up the seventh layer. 小果叮 (Fringo) realized that he hasn't been a lead protagonist yet, so he revived the 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus) and all the fruits celebrated...Until their celebration caused layer seven to fall over!

Detailed Synopsis (SPOILERS) Edit

The plot centers around three young boys: 橙留香 (Leader; Orangey/Mandarine) ,菠萝吹雪 (Pineapplello/Bennero Pineapple/Pinero),陆小果 (Applo/Appoleo); and three young girls: 上官子怡 (Straw Baby/Berry Dona),梨花诗 (Peachie/Flora Peach). (菠萝小薇 (Pino/Pina/Mary) is also part of their team, but she doesn't enter until later in the show). The six of them met in the twenty episode series 果冻三剑客 (Fruity Musketeers) at 果冻武术学院 (Fruity Wushu Academy/Fruity College) and the boys had become oath brothers. There, they studied hard in the art of Wushu, mentored by 无极师父 (Master Banana/Sensei No-Bound),英雄师父 (Master Melon/Sensei Hiro),and 夜燕老师 (Mistress Oracle/Miss Night-Bird). And, in many ways, they were just normal students.

Their fates were altered, however, when word spread that 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) and his partners 天下无贼 (Bane/Goldillac),乱臣贼子 (Trouble),认贼作父 (Double T/Sharky),and 贼眉鼠眼 (Sneaky) had built a fruit processing factory on 花果山 (The Fruity Mountain) in order to sell fruit products to humans and make big money. The factory was referred to as a "Fruity Hell", and the five even went as far as to poisoning the holy plant that maintained the prosperity of their entire Fruit World: the 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus). Nobody, it seemed, was strong enough to stand up to their robots. Before long, the story traveled to the ear of 疯清扬方丈 (Professor Nutty Maddo/Abbo Maddo), the headmaster of their school.

方丈 (Prof. Nutty/Abbo Maddo) passed the school's sacred treasure, 果宝神剑 (Fruity Swords/Fruity Sacred Swords), down to the three boys. He sent the girls, along with 夜燕 (Mistress Oracle/Miss Night-Bird) to 天山 (Sky Mountain) for the girls to receive their 神剑 (Sacred Swords) from her master, 天山果姥 (Mistress Plum/Elder Gal). The six were to become the next generation 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents), a group that defends 水果世界 (the Fruity World) from evildoers. Their swords'll enable them to summon 果宝机甲 (Fruity Robos, which are battle robots) and it would be their responsibility to protect their people. In total, there were seven swords, but, at that time, the seventh was inside the factory. Using the seven swords to summon the seven 果宝机甲 (Fruity Robos) would allow the robots to combine and form the 果宝战神 (Fruity Warlord/Fruity Combo Defender).

With swords in hand, the three boys, once the 三剑客 (Three musketeers) but now the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents), set off on a quest to defeat 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya), revive the 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus), and liberate the mountain. Their journey wasn't easy. The Headquarters of the factory, where 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) stayed, was located on layer six. In order to reach it, they had to gain passage through the previous five levels. To advance to the next layer, they needed to defeat whichever one(s) of the 四大恶贼 (Criminal Four: 天下无贼 (Bane/Goldillac),乱臣贼子 (Trouble),认贼作父 (Double T/Sharky),and 贼眉鼠眼 (Sneaky) was/were defending the level. During their journey, they were joined by their mentors 英雄 (Master Melon/Sensei Hiro) and 无极 (Master Banana/Sensei No-Bound), who had earlier set off on a similar journey (for a petty reason) and got captured. They also met 菠萝小薇 (Pino/Pina/Mary), and a romance blossomed between her and 菠萝吹雪 (Pineapplello/Bennero Pineapple/Pinero), but they had to leave her on level three. On level four, 橙留香 (Orangey/Mandarine) was blasted off of a cliff, while the others and their mentors were captured.

Their mentors escaped to the bottom of the mountain, where they met up with 夜燕老师 (Mistress Oracle/Miss Night-Bird) and the girls. The girls had received their swords by then and had become the 果宝女特攻 (Fruity Girl Robo/Fruity Female Robo/Fruity Girl Agents/Fruity Female Agents). They and their mentor prepared to set off on a quest identical to the boys', but 夜燕 (Mistress Oracle/Miss Night-Bird) was severely injured on the first level. The three mentors went up to the 天山 (Sky Mountain) for her recovery. The girls proceeded on their quest alone. They were joined by 菠萝小薇 (Pino/Pina/Mary) on layer three. On layer four, they were joined by 菠萝吹雪 (Pineapplello/Bennero Pineapple/Pinero) and 陆小果 (Applo/Appoleo). On layer five, the six came face to face with 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) and were nearly destroyed by him. However, 橙留香 (Orangey/Mandarine) returned (everyone thought he died), saved their lives, and the seven proceeded onwards, to layer six.

It was soon revealed that the owner of the seventh and final sword was 菠萝小薇 (Pino/Pina/Mary). The seven 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robos/Fruity Agents) combined to form the 果宝战神 (Fruity Warlord/Fruity Combo Defender) and battled against 魔霸天王 (Ultra Demon Destructor/Satan Warlord), the combination robot composed of the robots of the 四大恶贼 (Criminal Four) and 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya). They battled, and they both used their special move. This would've created a shockwave strong enough to destroy their entire world, had the mentors not reached layer six in time to interfere.

A court case revealed that the 四大恶贼 (Criminal Four) and 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) were not evil. This then begged the question, who poisoned the lotus? 疯清扬方丈 (Professor Nutty/Abbo Maddo) and 天山果姥 (Mistress Plum/Elder Gal) went up to the seventh layer to investigate. Only a few fruits were allowed to go up to that layer, because it could easily be unbalanced and topple, and that would destroy their world. They were ambushed by 小果叮 (Fringo). By then, 小果叮 (Fringo) had also captured 夜燕 (Mistress Oracle/Miss Night-Bird), 英雄 (Master Melon/Sensei Hiro), and 无极 (Master Banana/Sensei No-Bound). The seventh layer almost toppled, destroying the entire world, but 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) as well as the 四大恶贼 (Criminal Four) and 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) rushed to the scene and held it up.

There, it was discovered that 小果叮 (Fringo) poisoned the 七色彩莲 (Rainbow Lotus). He and his fellow extras were angry that the director did not give them leading roles and were now going to snatch it. They had the most powerful weapons in the world at that time: 果园天尊 (Fruity Combo Master), the combination robot of the masters. They began to try and topple the seventh layer from above, while 果宝战神 (Fruity Warlord/Fruity Combo Defender) and 魔霸天王 (Ultra Demon Destructor/Satan Warlord) held the layer up. After some moments, they decided 果宝战神 (Fruity Warlord/Fruity Combo Defender) would go up there and battle 果园天尊 (Fruity Combo Master), while 魔霸天王 (Ultra Demon Destructor/Satan Warlord) would use the energy from magma to power their robot and hold up the seventh layer.

After a long time of battling (The 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) had done everything, from the Drunken Fist to attacking separately), the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) were all dead. 魔霸天王 (Ultra Demon Destructor/Satan Warlord) had used up all of the magma energy and the 四大恶贼 (Criminal Four) and 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) resorted to using their life energy instead. They were quickly running low on that power, too, but the held it up. Then, the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) returned to life, and they continued to battle Fringo. The first time, they used their special move, they missed. The second time, 橙留香 (Orangey/Mandarine) suddenly realized that the 魔霸天王 (Ultra Demon Destructor/Satan Warlord) was running low on energy so he dropped the weapon and went down there to hold up the seventh layer. After a while of pondering and a bit of cajoling from 橙留香 (Mandarine), 小果叮 (Fringo) decided to save the Rainbow Lotus so he could be a lead protagonist. (He's been an extra for the protagonists, he's been an extra for the antagonists, he's been a leading antagonist, and now he had been a leading protagonist.) Everyone rejoiced when they discovered the world wouldn't be destroyed, 四大恶贼 (Criminal Four) and 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) are brought back to life, and an uncountable amount of fruits arrived on layer seven to sing songs in joy. They had all forgotten what would happen when too many people went up onto layer seven, and it toppled, as expected.

第二季 (Season 2) Edit

When the 果宝特攻 (Fruity Robo/Fruity Agents) went to visit the 忍者学院 (Ninja Academy) founded by 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya) and the 四大天王 (Four Heavenly Kings, previously the Criminal Four), tragedy struck. The 三剑客 (Three Musketeers) are framed for a crime they did not commit, and once again travel up the mountain, this time in order to clear their name and reveal 东方求败 (Lord Pitaya)'s conspiracy.

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